The Best of Shakespeare Part 1: Lust

In this madcap romp, the wannabe prima donna Victoria Berg and her long suffering co-actor Mark Smith present scenes from four of Shakespeare’s plays, probing into themes of love, lust and jealousy. The excerpts are from the comedies The Taming of the Shrew, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Twelfth Night, and from the tragedy Othello, with a sprinkle of Hamlet, Julius Caesar, and Romeo & Juliet. Slapstick, pop ballads, foul language and strong emotions characterize the show…

Kenneth Dean is well known to Norwegian audiences, having directed at theatres across the country for more than 20 years. In The Best of Shakespeare Part 1: Lust, he returns to his Scottish roots and first language, de-mystifying Shakespeare with his trademark flair for satire and comedy. And who better to join him alongside artistic director Elisabeth Dahl, than Michael Sharman! Oslo-based Yorkshire lad, just back from touring the UK and China with the critically acclaimed show “Light”.

Running time: 60 minutes

Past performances

7th of April 2015 Ås Kulturhus
9th April 2015 Ælvespeilet Kulturhus, Porsgrunn
11th April 2015 Scenehuset in Oslo
27th February – 2nd March 2017 DKS tour Nord-Trøndelag
6th March – 23rd March 2017 DKS tour Rogaland
24th March 2017 Oslo Katedralskole



Costume Designer

Assistant Director


Light Design