Macbeth – the Making of a Murderer

Cafeteatret in Oslo November 2012, Ås Kulturhus, Drammens Teater, Ælvespeilet, Rådhusteatret in Ski and Blå Grotte in Fredrikstad in October 2013. Vinterlysfestivalen Nordland Teater February 2014.

Violent and physical, stripped down to just three actors and the very bones of the text, we explored the darker side of man in attempting to expose the face of evil. How does a man go from being a well respected and good natured citizen to a remorseless mass murderer?

In Macbeth, Shakespeare takes us from the tragic to the comic, from the blood, bones and gristle of the battlefield, to the petty pace of domestic life, exploring on the way the undercurrents of human relationships and our potential for “murder most foul…”

Weary from years on the battlefield, Macbeth returns home to his loving wife as a conquering hero. But Lady Macbeth is bored and childless, and her husband is hungry for power. Their domestic bliss is short-lived. Wouldn’t life be much more fun if they were King and Queen of Scotland? All that stands between them and their vaulting ambitions is just a few moral scruples and a king that is very much alive!





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